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'Ophelia' - new print availabel through 1xrun! - When the Music's Over — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Sarah Joncas

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'Ophelia' - new print availabel through 1xrun! [Sep. 13th, 2013|11:58 am]
Sarah Joncas
[Current Music |'Fool', Cat Power]

Some good news - for those of you who missed out on my 'Dirty Show' print through 1xrun, I will be releasing another print next Wednesday, the 18th with them! 'Ophelia' will be a limited edition of 40 at $50. Though if interested, you're best to contact 1xrun to get an alert - the last print sold out in the 1st 2hrs.

You can find the run here: http://1xrun.com/runs/Ophelia

Limited Edition of 40
20x11", on Archival pigment print
300 gsm on Museum Natural Fine Art Paper

ophelia print