Wanderlost Opening

Wanderlost opened last Friday at the Dorland-Haight Gallery! Big thanks to everyone that made it out and showed AnnK and I their support! Was a fun night with family and friends. For those that missed it, you can now view all the works online: http://dorland-haightgallery.com/The_Dorland-Haight_Galleries_Inc/Canadian_Artists/Pages/Joncas.html

Here's a few shots from the night, and the works to follow :)

wander (1)

wander (2)
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Wanderlost sneaks

My joint show with Ann Kornuta is coming up in the next couple weeks! Wanderlost opens Friday, September 27th. I'll have around 10 new pieces for show and sale. Anyone interested in getting on the preview list can contact the gallery through their email dorlandhaightgallery@gmail.com. Here's a few sneaks and wips of work for the show!

fish tank (4)
crazy eyes
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'Ophelia' - new print availabel through 1xrun!

Some good news - for those of you who missed out on my 'Dirty Show' print through 1xrun, I will be releasing another print next Wednesday, the 18th with them! 'Ophelia' will be a limited edition of 40 at $50. Though if interested, you're best to contact 1xrun to get an alert - the last print sold out in the 1st 2hrs.

You can find the run here: http://1xrun.com/runs/Ophelia

Limited Edition of 40
20x11", on Archival pigment print
300 gsm on Museum Natural Fine Art Paper

ophelia print
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Up-coming shows 'Wanderlost' and 'You, I and the Worlds Between Us'.

I have a couple up-coming shows this month! From the Prisma Artist Collective, "You, I and the Worlds Between Us' opens September 14th at the Distinction Gallery. My 1st time collaborating with another artist on a piece - Audrey Pongracz and I will have a diptych for the show. For more info you can find the gallery through their website: http://www.distinctionart.com/

And I also have a joint show this month at the Dorland-Haight Gallery with fellow artist and best pal, Ann Kornuta. "WanderLost" opens on Friday the 27th - we will both have around 10 new works for show and sale! For more info or to get on the preview list, you can contact the gallery at dorlandhaightgallery@gmail.com. I'll begin to share wips and sneaks in the coming weeks. Thanks!

"Promotional piece, "Bombshell", 12x16", oil on canvas.
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Persoanlized Wallet cases available through Classic Hardware

I have something new available - personalized wallet cases! The good folks over at Classic Hardware had a few images of mine printed with their products. Have been enjoying their products over the past few years myself. For those interested, you can find them for sale through this link: http://www.classichardware.com/shop-by-artist/sarah-joncas

The narrow cases are out of stock at Hardware, but you can find them through Uncommon Goods, as well: http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/sarah-joncas-personal-cases
classic hardware
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New Work

I had a couple other shows open since my last post, one in Philly at Gallery 309 (curated by Thinkspace) and one in NYC at the Last Rites Gallery. You can see my pieces below!

'In Bloom', 12x24", oil. - www.thinkspacegallery.com
in bloom

"Miss Universe", 14x18", oil - www.lastritesgallery.com
zombie framed
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Currently Showing at Thinkspace

Vanguard opened up last weekend at the Thinkspace Gallery in LA, which I had 5 new paintings for! You can see them below. For more info and to see the rest of the show, check out this link: http://thinkspacegallery.com/works/?exhibit=194

between wind and waterconcrete wilderness

sky's the limitsteel feather

water nymph

From left to right: "Between Wind and Water", 24x30", oil. "Concrete Wilderness", 16x20", oil. "Sky's the Limit", 14x18", oil. "Steel Feather", 8x10", oil. "Water Nymph", 16x16", oil.
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LAX/PHL Group Show opens this Saturday!

I posted a flyer a little while ago for the group show 'LAX/PHL' opening this Saturday in Philly! I'll have one work included in the exhibited being shown at Gallery 309, curated by the Thinkspace Gallery. A lot of good company! For anyone interested you can find more info for the show here.

Here's a little sneak of what I have in store:
joncas philly sneaks (1)
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