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Sarah Joncas

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The New Order + Medusa Commission [Jun. 29th, 2010|11:34 am]
Sarah Joncas
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[Current Music |'Burn it Blue', by Caetano Veloso]

Soo, I have a small, older work from '07 that'll be getting shown at the new 99% Gallery in NYC.  Their opening exhibit is called "The New Order" and many a good artist is participating.  Show opens up July 16th!  If you're interested in the work or would like more info contact the gallery for details ~

Also, I've been a little ahead of schedule with my shows lately, so I've taken in orders for commissions.  Here's a commission of the mythological monster Medusa!  A little unusual for me, but tons of fun -- the darker stuff usually is for me :)


[User Picture]From: tourmalina
2010-07-06 04:54 am (UTC)
I wish I could see that show! Love your Medusa lady -- great snakes and composition! Her cleavage is appropriately like a snake's tongue (but you probably did that on purpose). :)
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[User Picture]From: teapartygirl
2010-07-07 08:09 pm (UTC)
Actually, I didn't plan the cleavage like that, but often enough I do see those kind of ironic connections once I finish paintings! Glad you took notice. And thank you :D
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